I work in the digital space building web solutions for big businesses. I’ve had an interest in photography for many years. I joined Wakefield Camera Club in 2016 and this has helped me improve and explore new ideas. I take photographs for competition, for fun and for experience. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.


I’m currently using a Nikon Z6 full frame mirrorless camera. I own a number of lenses but my go-to's are the Laowa 100mm 2x Macro and the Nikon S 24-70mm f/2.8. I use an Alta Pro tripod, have some basic lighting and a SkyTracker Pro.


I'm open minded about my approach to photography and always keen the learn new techniques. I prefer to get the shot in the camera but will spend time in post production to improve an image. I shoot fully manual to take full control over exposure, depth of field and motion blur.


I’m not a professional photographer but I’m always looking for new experiences and opportunities. Whether I’m shooting people or animals, landscapes or inanimate objects, I’m always looking for a creative angle. If you’ve got an opportunity get in touch!

My story

Through this site I aim to tell my story, explain my thinking, and record my adventures. Keep coming back to visit and who knows where my story will take us!

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